ShowMax Now Has Caching Servers in Nairobi, Thanks to Seacom


ShowMax has partnered with Seacom, Africa’s foremost network service provider and ICT enabler,  to host its caching servers in Nairobi. The caching servers will allow for peering to take place with local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) across East Africa. The move will benefit both consumers and ISPs in East Africa; ISPs will be able to get ShowMax content directly rather than pay transit costs from servers that are far away, while consumers will enjoy improved customer experience and faster speeds.

“The net effect of placing caching servers in Nairobi is that customers can pull video content from much closer to home, which means faster response time and less buffering. This move also lays the groundwork for further expansion in East Africa as we continue to rollout ShowMax in new countries,” says ShowMax’s head of distribution Mike Raath.

Africa’s Video On Demand space has attracted a lot of new players in the past year with ShowMax emerging as one of the leading providers.

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  1. […] ShowMax partnered with Seacom back in January this year to host its caching servers in Nairobi. Local caching has its benefits of letting people pull video content close to home which means less time buffering and faster response time. Since Showmax is a video subscription service, the advantages are more than obvious. […]

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