There Is A Petition To Turn Twitter Into A Cooperative

It's a longshot, but would it work?

petition twitter cooperative

petition twitter cooperative

Twitter might be a network that is loved with its biggest users but in the corporate world of Wall Street, its stock is not the hottest commodity out there. The company has been struggling in the areas of showing growth like the acquisition of new users or turning out a profit and this is not good in the stock market realm.

There was a time we saw reports of companies like Disney, Google and Salesforce which apparently had an interest in buying the company. However, those talks broke down eventually which displayed the lack of confidence the companies had on Twitter.

Although Twitter has its own problems in appeasing to the stock market, it is still a darling to a lot of its users and some of them have a solution to this problem.

There was a petition that was filed to implore people to support the idea of turning Twitter into a co-operative. In a cooperative, the entity is owned by like minded people for the purpose of benefiting its owers.

Apparently that movement got enough traction in that Twitter’s shareholders will vote on their proposal to research the benefits of converting into a cooperative.

“A community owned Twitter would result in new and reliable revenue streams,” it says in the proposal, “since we, as users could buy in as co-owners with a stake in the platform’s success. Without the short term pressure of the stock markets, we can realize Twitter’s potential value, which the current business model has struggled to do for many years.”

This sounds really ambitious but we have to wait and see what Twitter’s shareholders would say about this change of business plan. It is seldom to see users taking such keen interest in how their favourite social network is run and this could be a way for the company to actualize its actual potential in the long run.

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