Google Releases AutoDraw, a Free Web-Based Tool for Drawing

Google Autodraw

Google AutodrawGoogle has released a new web-based drawing tool called AutoDraw for the majority of us (with limited or no drawing skills).

The release of this tool is motivated by the challenges of using a PC or smartphone to draw, especially for non-artists. In fact, even the most talented of artists do not do drawings faster since it is a time-consuming and intricate activity.

For example, and assuming you are like many of us who cannot draw, all you need is go to the AutoDraw website and start doodling anything you want. The AutoDraw website uses machine learning, which is the future of artificial intelligence, to guess what you are doodling by suggesting a number of drawings from talented artists that are part of the package. By doing so, a drawing is done in a matter of minutes.

What is more, you can skip using the suggestion tool and draw anything your mind can put you up to. Afterward, you can download or share your drawing(s) by accessing the hamburger menu on the top-left of the webpage. Your imagination cannot fully exhaust the provisions of this tool, so this is an open field to stretch one’s drawing creativity.

Autodraw bike

Autodraw bike 2

Now, here is the interesting bit. See all those suggestions from artists that help you skip the details of doing an entire drawing? They are for free, meaning you are not going to punch in your banking details here. Secondly, this tool is web-based, which is to say that you will not download any app to access its features. In essence, this means that you can access AutoDraw from any machine, whether it is your phone, PC or tablet, provided you have an internet connection.

To sum it up, you only need to give it a try and observe for yourself on how easy and satisfying this tool is. It sure is Fast Drawing for Everyone, which happens to be AutoDraw’s slogan.