Google’s Photoscan App Will Remove Glare From Your Photos Of Old Photos

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You probably have a bunch of photos lying somewhere hidden in photo albums in your house which were probably taken in the film era. Since we didn’t have smartphones with good cameras and lots of storage, we had to rely on digital cameras and printing shops to save these memories on tangible photos.

However, it has become a trend where in days like Throwback Thursday where you see people upload photos of them in the past that are taken with their smartphone’s camera. Since you may take them in the dark while in the house, you may have to use the flash which would lead to a nasty glare on your photos.

If you a regular user that gets annoyed by this, well Google has an answer for you. They released an update to their PhotoScan app, which will allow you to remove glare from your photo prints.

“To create this feature, we developed an unique blend of computer vision and image processing techniques that carefully align and combine several slightly different pictures of a print to separate the glare from the image underneath,” Google said on the blogpost.

They went on to explain their thought process in making this magic work and the result is pretty spectacular. This would mean that from now on, you will be able to share those retro photos you took before the age of the smartphone to your social media pages without a glare in sight.

You can check out the app on Android and iOS.

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