Telkom Enterprise Lays Down Solid Plan to Conquer Kenyan Connectivity Market

Telkom Enterprise

Telkom Enterprise

Telkom Kenya, which previously traded under the name Orange Kenya, has been in the connectivity business for a decade and half. In that period, it has proved successful in empowering businesses by providing them with communication services, which form a fundamental basis of enterprises run by corporates, the Kenya government as well as SMEs. The telco looks forward to covering more ground especially in the connectivity business under the Telkom Enterprise division.

When Telkom Kenya was launched, its exclusivity to do business with the Government was unmatched, but things have changed over time, including the emergence of new players in fixed and mobile communication services such as voice and data.

The rise of the Internet has been instrumental in meeting connectivity solutions among several enterprises, and the adoption is still going up thanks to Telkom’s extensive network coverage. Over time, the network has seen substantial growth due to the company’s mandate to boost the development of its product portfolio. Moreover, its objectives have been augmented by the familiarity and experience in providing additional services and account management programs for businesses and government clients. Based on these leaps, Telkom Enterprise has positioned itself as a competent provider of business connectivity in Kenya.

As mentioned, its connectivity networks and infrastructure are vastly distributed in all 47 counties, which include data channels as well as voice services. In particular, Kenyans are massively adopting connectivity options because broadband services are increasing at the moment. Another reason why connectivity adoption is soaring is because of the expansion of network infrastructure, availability of favourably smart devices and affordable prices for those.

According to Kris Senanu, who is the Managing Director of Telkom Enterprise Division, connectivity is one of the primary pillars that will revolutionize the next wave of Kenyan enterprises.

“Buttressing this trend is the need and ability to connect Enterprises’ business physical devices, otherwise known as “Internet of Things”. This trend will play a dominant role in the future of Kenyan enterprises providing businesses with key analytics, data and informatics requisite for concise, thorough and more effective decision making processes,” he said.

It has also been noted that Kenyan enterprises are realizing the importance of connectivity for economic gain, which is why adoption is gaining momentum. Inasmuch as connectivity is on an upward trend, there is need for improvement based on the overall value enterprises can derive from maximizing the power of connectivity.

“A lot more needs to be done but a taste of the power of Connectivity can be seen in the inter-connectivity between shops in a central mall, business branches in different markets connected with shared Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems or Accounting systems to produce instant results for the business through better efficiency and productivity,” he added.

As as one of the primary products of Telkom Kenya, Telkom Enterprise has stressed that its first and only goal is meeting the needs of their customers.

Lastly, it is apparent that Telkom Enterprise has solid plans to realize the named goal by ensuring that their customer requirements are adequately met, in addition to helping businesses choose the best investments in connectivity that will put them in the best position to grow and communicate better with their customers.


  1. There is only one problem. These people only target the same market especially for high end estates where everyone else is located. I mean, where Zuku and Liquid telcom are, now Safaricom fiber is competing for that share. Before you know it, Orange will compete for the same places where there is coverage by other networks.

    I just hope they do something about Eastlands.

  2. […] Telkom Kenya, which is on a path to rediscovering its potential as a sound telco within the native scene, has not been on high of the telecommunications sport prior to now few years. A bit of the rediscovery journey has outed a brand new division often called Telkom Enterprise that primarily focuses on offering connectivity options to companies, particularly SMEs as we mentioned here. […]

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