Instagram Is Rolling Out Archive For You To Hide Your Posts From Everyone

Another new feature

instagram archive

instagram archive

Instagram seems rather busy pushing updates on its app and right after the Location Stories test, now they are rolling out a feature which they are calling Archive.

Here is the thing: Posts that you make on Instagram are meant to be shared to your followers, but sometimes you find some people ending up deleting some of the posts for some personal reason. Now this feature will allow you to save them privately without necessarily deleting them altogether from your feed.

TechCrunch obtained a statement from Instagram where the spokesperson said that the archive option creates a private space for viewing of old posts and will expand its availability of it over the next few months.

Interestingly enough, I have seen the feature pop up on my Instagram feed and this is how it looks like.

Instagram Archives

It is quite easy to archive a post. Just head over to the post you want to archive, tap on the three button options menu that is on the top right and select archive. The post will be sent to the archive folder, which is located at the top next to the “find friends” button.

This feature will be a godsend to those people who would want to make some posts private or make their Instagram feed look more appealing. It joins similar features like the private collections feature which oddly looks like something you would do on Pinterest.

So update your Instagram apps right now to use your feature and hide those posts that you don’t want people to see.