The Old Nokia 3310 is Being Used as a Sex Toy – Survey


No questions asked but a survey done by Agents of Ishq, revealed that quite a good number of women used the Nokia 3310 as a sex toy.

The survey was carried out in India and out of the 100 women surveyed, 17 of them used a form of vibrator to please themselves. The surprising part is that the Nokia 3310 phone was mentioned a number of times as the vibrator of choice.

The article accompanying the report of the survey reads, “…the old Nokia vibrating phone model made several appearances on this survey! We have no idea why that company is not the market leader after this!โ€

Well, it is not a secret that the old Nokia 3310 was known for its indestructible design, long-lasting battery and strong vibration. However, you will agree with me that I never expected anyone to look at the Nokia 3310 and think, “that would make a good vibrator”.

Mobility Arena reminds those that may be interested in trying out the Nokia 3310, the new Nokia 3310 is retailing for around $65 and despite having a modern look and even a colored display, the Nokia 3310 (2017) retains the same old strong vibration of the old one.

So anyone buying the Nokia 3310? We won’t ask why.

VIAMobility Arena
SOURCEAgents of Ishq
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