SEACOM Subsea Cable Wraps Up Marine Fault Repair, Appreciable Speed Boosts in Tow

SEACOM repair
The repair vessel brings the damaged cable on board

SEACOM repair

SEACOM has concluded the restoration to working order on Segment 15 of its Subsea Cable System that experienced an outage in April. The repair was primarily carried out in the Red Sea, and its completion means that normal network operations have swung back especially in the East Africa region where the outage was felt.

At the time when the repairs were ongoing, the Pan-African telecommunications organization restored other routes in response to requests. Also, SEACOM routed network services to the west coast of Africa and Asia to alleviate the consequences of the outage.

SEACOM repair
Cable damage on the S15 segment of the SEACOM subsea cable

According to Byron Clatterbuck, SEACOM CEO, the company managed to fix the issue in timely manner.

“On behalf of SEACOM, we extend our gratitude to our customers and partners for cooperating with us during this period. We shall endeavor to continue offering quality services to the East Africa region, even as we have these unplanned outages on a single route,” said Byron Clatterbuck, SEACOM CEO.

While this is generally good news, it goes without saying that some of SEACOM’s partners, including African enterprises, network carriers as well as ISPs have inconvenienced customers who rely on them for data services.


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