Telkom Kenya is Gifting Subscribers with 1GB/Day of 4GFORFREE Data and Free WhatsApp

Telkom Free WhatsApp


Telkom Free WhatsApp

It is now official that Orange Kenya is no more; in its place is Telkom Kenya, which aims to regain its glory in the local telecommunications business.

The transition, which was made official a few hours ago was coupled with several announcements, including the rolling out of 4G coverage to 9 Kenyan towns (Meru, Embu, Nyeri, Kisumu, Kakamega, Mombasa, Nairobi, Eldoret and Nakuru). To make sure that you jump ship and take full advantage of this milestone, Telkom Kenya has annoucned two offers: 4GFORFREE and FREE WHATAPP.

From today till July 15, you can opt in for the 4GFORFREE offer by punching in *544# and selecting the ‘4GFORFREE’ option on your smart handheld. Afterward, you will be given 1GB of data that will be renewed at 12 midnight. What’s more, the bundle is not limited to smartphones because it can work just fine on MiFi routers and customer premises equipment (CPE) devices.

It should be noted that this offer is only available to Pre-pay customers and they need to meet the following prerequisites:

  • First, they must buy any of the Telkom’s mobile data bundles. In addition, the bundle has to be active when 4GFORFREE is requested. In other words, any purchased bundle must not be expired or exhausted. Subscribers enjoying promotional data bundles such as AMKIA, bonus data or Device preload data are not eligible.
  • You must be within the 4G network coverage areas, meaning you can only enjoy the offer if you are in one of the towns mentioned above.
  • Your smart handheld must be compatible to 4G band 20.
  • Own a 4G-enabled Telkom Kenya SIM card (obviously)

Also worth noting is 4GFORFREE does not roll over to the next day if you happen to not use it. If you are like me, chances are that the bundle will be over before the day ends. Then, further internet usage will be charged from your airtime (KES 4 for per MB) or normal data bundles. If you happen to get out of the 4G zone, the offer will not work. In fact, network fluctuations from 4G to other generations may lead to the offer being unavailable, which is why usage is offered on best effort.

Telkom Kenya wants you to use this bundle offer for personal internet needs and not for commercial purposes. Moreover, fair usage policy will be enforced to ensure that service quality does not deteriorate for other users.

Next is the FREE WHATSAPP promotion that is available for all Telkom prepaid mobile data subscribers (not closed to 4G zones). Eligibility calls for a customer to have more than KES 1 of airtime. Upon subscription (*544#), users are allocated 50 MB of data every. Similar to 4GFORYOU, the FREE WHATSAPP bundle is valid for 24 hours and will not accumulate if it is not exhausted. Fair usage policy will be enforced as well.

Telkom Kenya, which is the second carrier to officially roll out 4G coverage after Safaricom, will avail these two promotions till July 15, or earlier (because they can).


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