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Equitel Becomes Fifth Kenya Provider to Offer 4G Services

Equitel, Equity Group’s mobile virtual network operator, has announced the launch of LTE or 4G services, making it the fifth telco to run such...

Airtel Kenya, Safaricom Say Spectrum Fees Are Too High

Spectrum fees have always been very high in Kenya. The issue, however, is being revisited by operators who have since cited the high fees as...
Airtel Ericsson

Airtel Selects Ericsson To Upgrade Its 4G Network, Makes It 5G Ready

Airtel has today announced that they have selected the Swedish network provider Ericsson to modernize its 4G network in Kenya. The deal was signed in...
Infinix Note 7

Affordable Smart Devices Have Augmented Digital Inclusion in Africa

There is a need for financial innovation alongside the technological innovation that characterises digital inclusion.

LTE Has Laid a Solid Foundation for the Future of 5G

New numbers from GSA show that by the end of May 2020, 386 operators globally had announced they were investing in 5G, among which 81...

How 4G Connectivity is Supporting Communities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

At the moment, a lot of things have been said about 5G technology, which is positioned to power the majority of the elements we...
nokia 4G to 5G

Nokia Rolls Out Software Upgrade to Turn 4G Stations into 5G

  Nokia has today announce a software upgrade that will instantly migrate 5 million legacy 4G radio units to 5G. Nokia says that this move is...
Safaricom CEO COO and Chairman

Safaricom Customers Averagely Use 1GB of Data Per Month, Reports 6.1 Million Active 4G Devices

Safaricom’s 2019/2020 FY results are here. The telco service revenue grew by +4.8% YoY to KES 251.2 billion from KES 239.8 billion recorded in the...
Safaricom interim CEO Michael Joseph and Chairman Nicholas Nganga

Safaricom to Add 2000 4G Stations as Shareholders Approve Largest Dividend Payout

Safaricom shareholders have approved KES 74.92 billion dividend payout for the FY that ended in March 31, 2019. This one of the telco’s biggest...
safaricom experiencing network issues

4G Adoption in Africa Still Low Even With 5G Looming in the Horizon

Telecommunication technology advances quite slowly but the implementation is even slower. We have moved on from 2G then 3G to 4G in the past...

Regulators Still Slowing Down 4G Adoption

The growth of mobile subscriptions is nothing new if data by our very own the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is anything to go...

Telkom Kenya Expands and Optimizes 3G and 4G Coverage in Key Towns

To meet its promises to customers and future subscribers, Telkom Kenya has been expanding its turf in the local telephony space. The operator, which...
JTL Faiba 4G

Jamii Telecoms to Pay 4G License Fee Over 10-Year Period

About two yeas ago, the Communications Authority of Kenya awarded Jamii Telecoms Limited (JTL) a 4G license. The tier 2 mobile carrier, which popularly...
Airtel Africa

Airtel Expands 4G Coverage to Over 40 New Towns in Kenya

Kenya’s second largest mobile operator Airtel, which is also in talks with Telkom Kenya on a merger deal that will give rise to a...
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Safaricom VoLTE Still Far Off, Claims to Have Addressed Home Fibre Issues

Yesterday, telco Safaricom hosted a couple of media personalities to apprise them of the progress the carrier has made in terms of digital transformation,...
Airtel Africa

Airtel to Roll Out 4G Coverage to Kenya’s Major Towns

It is always a good thing to have competitive choices for any product because fair rivalry pushes innovation and, in the end, the consumer...
Telkom Kenya

Telkom Kenya Diversifies 4G Coverage With 200 New Sites in Nairobi Area

Kenya’s third largest operator Telkom was the second carrier to launch LTE services after market leader Safaricom. This development happened less than one year...
Airtel Africa

Airtel Kenya Clears Communication Authority’s 4G License Tab

About a week ago, we reported that there have been several sightings of Airtel 4G across different parts of the country and some customers...
Airtel Kenya 4G SIM

Airtel Kenya’s 4G Network Imminent as Rollout of 4G Sites Ongoing

For close to two years now, we've heard rumours of Airtel Kenya testing their 4G network but it has always remained that, rumours, up...

Expect Improved Mobile Data Speeds on Telkom Kenya as it Upgrades its National and Metro Fibre Networks

Telkom Kenya’s rebrand journey was marked by several gains, including the launch of 4G that remains as the sole competitor for Safaricom’s extensive LTE...

Telkom Kenya, Airtel and Jamii Telecom Apply for Extension of 4G Licenses

Telco Safaricom has single handedly managed to spur the adoption of 4G network in the country, and was only joined a few months ago...

JTL Confirms Penetration into 4G Space in Memo to Customers

In May 2017, Kenya's Communication Authority awarded JTL (Jamii Telecommunications Limited) a mobile phone service license on the 700MHz frequency. The award was controversial...

Behind Telkom Kenya’s Vision to Drive Data Consumption Through 4G Devices

When Telkom Kenya rebranded almost three months ago, it was clear that the company was aiming to recapture the market through mobile data. With...

Security Flaw in 3G and 4G Networks Allows Hackers to Track Your Phone’s Location

When 3G was phasing out 2G networks, one of the main advantages of the new technology was that, unlike 2G cell protocol whose encryption...
Telkom Free WhatsApp

Telkom Kenya is Gifting Subscribers with 1GB/Day of 4GFORFREE Data and Free WhatsApp

  It is now official that Orange Kenya is no more; in its place is Telkom Kenya, which aims to regain its glory in the...
Communication Authority oof Kenya

Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) Awards JTL 4G Frequency Spectrum on Questionable Terms

The Communication Authority of Kenya (CA), which is in charge of regulatory policing for the ICT sector in the country is under scrutiny after...

4G to Drive Overall Data Usage Over the Next 5 Years

GSMA estimates that at least a third of the global population will have 4G connectivity by the end of 2015. At the end...
Safaricom 4G LTE-A

Safaricom Launches 4G LTE-A In Kenya

Safaricom on Thursday launched 4G LTE in Kenya for the consumer. This comes after some many months of testing in several 4G sites in...

MediaTek MT6595, a true Octa-core chip with 4G LTE

Low-cost devices have significantly driven the growth of the smartphone market. These devices have become the prime target of chip manufacturers as they move...
Iphone 5 4G

Four reasons to consider an upgrade to 4G

Whether it is the sheer temptation of the iPhone 5, or a real need to get a faster web connection when away from the office,...
Vodacom LTE South Africa

Johannesburg is now running 4g LTE by Vodacom

Vodacom South Africa today announced the going live of LTE in Johannesburg city, South Africa, with accessibility in 70 Base stations. Vodacom has been...

First Rights to 4G granted to Everything Everywhere in the UK

Ofcom, the UK telecommunication regulator ruled to allow the Everything Everywhere group to begin offering 4G to its customers. This is ahead of the...