Safaricom Hits 1 Million 4G Customers Milestone, 4G Available in All Counties

safaricom 1 million 4G customers counties kenya

Today Safaricom has announced that they have achieved a new milestone: Their 4G network is now available across the 47 counties in Kenya.

This is a great achievement in the 3 years we have been enjoying the 4G network provided by the network. Initially in December 2014, you could only use 4G speeds in few pockets around Nairobi and as of now, you will be able to carry your 4G smartphone and experience this across the country.

In order to achieve this, the company says that they started an accelerated 4G network expansion across key towns in the country from last year. They also added the rollout of the faster 4G+ which was announced 5 months ago which theoretically allows one to enjoy speeds in excess of 150Mbps.

Thanks to this expansion, Safaricom has 1400 4G sites which can reach more than 33% of Kenya’s population, of which more than 16% are the faster 4G+ ones.

The company was also proud to announce that they reached yet another milestone: One million 4G customers. Safaricom says this was thanks to the expanding 4G network, affordability of 4G smartphones and affordable data bundles.

“The country has consistently stood out as a global innovation powerhouse and a leader in global mobile technology adoption,” Joseph Ogutu, Safaricom’s Director – Strategy said. “This milestone further cements Kenya’s position and establishes a strong foundation for future innovation.”

Rollout of the 4G spectrum is the hot thing in the Kenyan market as customers continously crave faster speeds for a better Internet experience. The latest telco to announce their 4G network was JTL’s Faiba 4G and this competition for customers is far from over.


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