Yahoo Mail Gets A Redesign And A Pro Option

Will you still use it?

yahoo mail redesign yahoo mail pro

Yahoo was recently acquired by Verizon and with that, the company has decided to roll out a redesigned mail interface in a bid to convince you to use it again.

Yahoo Mail Redesign

The new Yahoo Mail lets you personalize your inbox by choosing from several colour themes. Each theme comes with three different layout options and if you find a colour of choice, you can set the interface to either a light or dark mode.

There is also less clutter thanks to more spacing between items so that you can easily view information in your inbox. There is also a new side by side preview which will allow you to view attachments and the email at a go.

Yahoo claims that they are using the “latest web technologies” to make your experience faster on Yahoo Mail. It is also optimized for slower connections and for different screen sizes. The company also claims that it has a better search engine and lets you hover image icons in your inbox to view them.

Yahoo Mail Pro

Yahoo also decided to announce Yahoo Mail Pro which is their improvement to their Ad Free Mail option they announced a while ago. Since Yahoo Mail Pro is a subscription service, you can pay either $34.99 annually or $3.49 monthly where the former is obviously cheaper. This is istill cheaper than Ad Free’s price which was $15 more yearly.

There is also a mobile app only subscription where you can either pay $9.99 yearly or $0.99 monthly on the iOS or Android app. The subscriptions on mobile and desktop are auto-renewable.

Yahoo Mail Pro benefits include ad free mail and priority customer support for both mobile and desktop. To sign up for Mail Pro for desktop, click here.