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Former Yahoo Engineer Admits to Hacking 6,000 Yahoo User Accounts in Search of Nudes

What do you do when you're an engineer and you're horny. Go into users accounts looking for sexual photos and videos. That's what this...
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yahoo mail redesign yahoo mail pro

Yahoo Mail Gets A Redesign And A Pro Option

Yahoo has redesigned its Mail interface and introduced a Pro version

Yahoo Is Rebranding Its Iconic Name

Yahoo is getting a name change

Yahoo says Hackers Stole Data from 1 Billion User Accounts

In September 2016, Yahoo acknowledged that data from over 500 Million user accounts had been stolen. The announcement followed a report by Vice’s Motherboard which...

Yahoo acknowledges Breach in which data from 500 Million Accounts was Stolen

A month ago,  Vice’s Motherboard reported that a potential security breach may have taken place at Yahoo in which 200 Million records were stolen. According...

Yahoo acquired by Verizon for a Measly $5 Billion

Yahoo, was one of the pioneer companies of the World Wide Web, starting out as a directory for businesses before expanding its foray in...

Google Makes it Possible for Yahoo Mail and Outlook Users to Get the Full Gmail Experience

In October 2014, Google updated its Gmail mobile application to support IMAP, Exchange ActiveSync and rival services Yahoo Mail and Outlook. It did not matter...

5 Email Apps Besides Gmail That You Need to Try Out on Your Android Device

Just in case you are tired of Gmail.

Yahoo wants to manage your Gmail account too

A while ago, Yahoo made changes to both the desktop and mobile clients by introducing key features like logging in without a password and...
Yahoo Messenger

Remember Yahoo Messenger? It has been given a major facelift

When is the last time you heard of Yahoo Messenger? Probably in a long time and for some people this is news but it...
Yahoo Marissa Mayer

Yahoo Hopes To Get You Back In With New Email Revamp

Yahoo has updated its email service by adding a new feature that will help you easily find and add content like photos, GIFs,...

Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 top Android phone searches on Yahoo as iPhone 6 reigns supreme

The year is coming to an end and as expected we will be getting lists from everyone in the industry on their best and worst...

Yahoo Pulls The Plug on Flickr’s Facebook and Google Sign-ins

Yahoo must have got it's feet now and gonads enough to drop support for it's services by Google and Facebook. This is via allowing...

Yahoo! Gets Rid of Google, Facebook Sign-in Buttons on All Its Services

In 2010, Yahoo! chose to let users sign in to their services via Facebook and Google, a move made under then CEO Carol Bartz....
Yahoo Avatars

Blackberry app, Yahoo Avatars to go in Yahoo Spring Clean

Yahoo will be soon making dinosaurs of several products under CEO Marissa Meyer's watch according to Reuters. Yahoo says on their blog that they...

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