Yahoo wants to manage your Gmail account too


yahoo mail

A while ago, Yahoo made changes to both the desktop and mobile clients by introducing key features like logging in without a password and in particular, managing your accounts from other email sources. I pointed out it was rather interesting Gmail was left out of the party which included other popular emailing services like Outlook and Hotmail. Not anymore as Yahoo has finally added Gmail as one of the emailing services you can manage straight from your Yahoo account.

When you login to Yahoo Mail (That is if you have one), the site will display a pop-up that will prompt you to connect your Gmail account. Alternatively, you can click the Settings icon at the far right > Accounts > Add another mailbox > Select your email provider >  Choose Google.

The impressive thing about Yahoo Mail managing your Gmail account is that it is able to access your entire email archive, search across your mails and syncing in-between the various mailboxes you set. Other features you get to enjoy that were announced before include the Smart search, Signing in without a password, accessing contacts across your mailboxes and composing emails in a fun and engaging way.

In this age of smartphones, they usually ship with a separate emailing client and what Yahoo is trying to do here is to be the defacto emailing client for users. Yahoo Mail can now manage Gmail, Outlook and of course Yahoo Mail which are the most popular email services and we will have to see if this strategy will pay off in the future. As of now, you can try out the new features on desktop or on iOS and Android.