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My Inbox Is Always Going to Be Messy. Here’s How I’m Still Sane

Emails are the worst. With every click we make online, an autogenerated email is sent to us to acknowledge that. From social media notifications,...

Tech Habits to Adopt in 2021

2020 hasn't been a great year for most people thanks to the crisis, chaos and the global pandemic.
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Gmail, Google Drive and other Google Services Hit By Outage

Gmail, Google Drive and other Google Services are experiencing downtimes globally according to user reports on social media. When you check Down Detector, Google services...
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Kenya’s Judiciary is using Email and Videochat to Deliver Pending Judgements and Rulings

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced individuals and institutions alike to use online platforms to do their work. This includes branches of government and one...

Changes Coming to Gmail This Month

Google has announced that they'll be bringing a few changes to the Gmail later this month. The changes will be more significant to users...

Dark Mode for Gmail Begins Official Roll Out

Google has brought dark mode to most of its apps and the latest app to officially get this feature is the Gmail app. Dark mode...

Gmail Gets Dark Mode That Switches at Random – Official Launch Imminent

Dark mode everything has been the rallying call for a while now - apps have begun including the toggle on their settings while we...
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Gmail: How to Have an Efficient and Minimalist Desktop Interface

Gmail has gotten better especially as more features get ported from Inbox, their experimental email service that is set to retire next month. Here...
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Gmail is Rolling Out Neat Right-Click Features to G Suite Customers

At the moment, most all of us have access to the redesigned Gmail interface on the web (and mobile, for some, else, just grab...
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Google’s Inbox App to the Gmail App: How to Have a Smooth Transition

Inbox by Google is being retired next month and it’s finally time to switch to another email app. It’ll be harder to get another...

Must Have Productivity Apps, Extensions and Hacks

2019 holds so much promise and if you’re into making sure you’re more efficient and being more productive is your resolution for this year,...

Don’t like Gmail, Try These Alternative Email Clients Instead

Most people are content using traditional email clients like Gmail or Outlook. This makes it hard for other email clients to survive in this...
google services like gmail are down

Like Telegram, You Can Now Send Self-Destructing Emails with Gmail

A couple of weeks ago, Google introduced key design changes in Gmail, and some of the features introduced on the web version have trickled...

No. Facebook Isn’t Spying on You, Gmail is

Who exactly is reading your Emails? So last year, Google said it would stop scanning your emails for ad targeting. But did they? According to the...

Gmail Has Doubled The Size Limit For Attachments You Can Receive

One of the many uses of email is sending files between people. Gmail is one popular emailing service that is used by regular people...

Google’s Attempt at an April Fools’ Day Prank Caused More Confusion Than Fun

So it's that time of the year when we all (or some of us) get a free license to prank others and make jokes...

Google Brings Smart Reply Feature to Web Version of Inbox

When it comes to one of the oldest modern means of communication, email, we've become accustomed to firing responses to all manner of stuff...

Google Makes it Possible for Yahoo Mail and Outlook Users to Get the Full Gmail Experience

In October 2014, Google updated its Gmail mobile application to support IMAP, Exchange ActiveSync and rival services Yahoo Mail and Outlook. It did not matter...

Yahoo wants to manage your Gmail account too

A while ago, Yahoo made changes to both the desktop and mobile clients by introducing key features like logging in without a password and...

The Block Bug has Hit Gmail, Power to the Users

Traditional emailing systems have always had the Spam feature where emails from suspicious email addresses are sent to or manually sent to by the...
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Gmail Becomes Even More Personal with Additional Themes and Emoji Support.

Personalization is a key thing in our digital lives where it makes the online platform that we use feel more “personal”. In the...

Gmail’s Undo Send Feature Becomes Available on the Web to All

Ever composed a very nice job application and just after hitting the send button you realize a grave typo in your salutation...

Google Launches Password Alert To Keep Users From Phishing Attempts

There are enough well-documented cases of users of Google services like Gmail and even other services being duped into entering their account login credentials...

Google Inbox is coming to Google Apps for Work users

Do you use Google Apps at work? If so then you may be the target for Google's continued push to make email less tasking...

Kenya Power Launches Power Alerts Website for Free Automated Power Outage Alerts

If you have lived in Kenya, you will have an idea of the unreliable nature of the electricity distribution by the national company Kenya...

2 Ways to Send Large Files over Email

1. Use a Cloud Storage Service By far the simplest option would be storing the file — or files — you want to share in...

Gmail update includes new feature that allows Google+ users to send each other mails

If you thought that the recent controversial change to Google+ comments on YouTube was the end of Google trying to shove its social networking...

You Can Now Send Money From Your Gmail

Ever dreamt of logging in to your email inbox and sending money to your loved ones instead of wading through an endless list of...

SkyDrive Hits 250M Users, Google Expands Drive Storage to 15GB In Reactionary Move

Just days after Microsoft announced that its cloud storage offering, SkyDrive has hit the 250 million users mark, there’s some quick reaction from Mountain...