Gmail is Becoming a Jack of All Trades, Will Now Make Voice and Video Calls


Google has been on a spree of regular updates to its Workspace suite of applications, and one of the latest in the features is boosting collaboration between Google Meet and the Gmail App.

In a Gmail redesign that is rolling out in the next few weeks, Google is giving users the ability to ring another user on Google Meet, possible from within the Gmail App. Additionally, it will also be possible to join Google Meet meetings from Gmail.

Google redesigned and rebranded its suite of office applications from G suite to Google Workspace in late 2020.  Since then, Workspace received new and regular updates, from Google Docs to Calendar and even Google Drive. Ultimately, they aim to make every part of the suite of apps interconnected and this will enable smooth switching between them, and sharing of information will happen seamlessly across all of them.

Gmail can already handle multiple functionalities; from emails to chats and videoconferencing. Adding the “ring” ability strengthens Gmail’s role as the most significant avenue for Google’s communication services. Once it is out, Gmail will become like hangout or any other VOIP App, able to make calls when users are on a working internet connection.

While Gmail seems to be a communication hub rivaling what Microsoft Outlook offers, Google Workspace will on its end be pushing out the competition from work-oriented platforms like Zoom and Slack. The Google Meet application will also in the future not only create meetings, but also place calls.

The convenience of these fully integrated services is an attraction to the ever-expanding digital workspace, and Google continues to roll out ambitious features to cater to these needs.

After all, who doesn’t like a smooth experience that is free of tab-hoping?