The Block Bug has Hit Gmail, Power to the Users


Traditional emailing systems have always had the Spam feature where emails from suspicious email addresses are sent to or manually sent to by the user. This does not work perfectly most of the time and it might be quite vexing.
Thankfully, Gmail now has added an option of blocking specific email addresses on both the web client and the mobile app. When you identify the email address you want to block, just click on the more button on the right and select “Block”. This action prompts Gmail to always send all incoming emails from the specific address to the spam folder.



There is also another addition to the Gmail experience and it is the unsubscribe option for the Android app. This feature was introduced initially on Gmail for desktop way back in 2009 and it gives the person the ability to unsubscribe from mailing lists or newsletters. It is quite surprising Google has taken its time to incorporate this feature into the mobile app, six years later but better late than never.


Other significant changes to Gmail that have happened this year include the addition of themes and emojis where the intention was to make your email account & emailing experience more personal.They also added the Undo send feature which was on beta for quite a while before being made standard and it ensures that you are able to edit your email if you have second thoughts on the content.

The new features have already been rolled worldwide and you will be sure the millions of Gmail users out there will use the block feature to the maximum in the quest of keeping their inboxes spam email free.