Gmail, Google Drive and other Google Services Hit By Outage

google services like gmail are down

Gmail, Google Drive and other Google Services are experiencing downtimes globally according to user reports on social media.

When you check Down Detector, Google services like Gmail, Google Meet and Google Drive are experiencing outages inconveniencing many.

Many people have reported that they are unable to login to their Gmail accounts or even receiving new emails. Google Drive users are complaining they can’t upload new files to the cloud.

According to Down Detector, the problems started around 7:12am and users from all continents reported outages.

Google acknowledged the issue and has been issuing updates for the past few hours . “Gmail sending issues, Meet recording issues, Creating files issues in Drive, CSV user upload issues in Admin Console, Posting message issues in Google Chat,” they said in the latest update that was posted at 10:21 am EAT time. As per their color coding, it is labelled as orange which means it is a service disruption.

Billions of people rely on Google Services for their day to day lives. Gmail is used by individuals and corporates for their email handling work. Google Drive is used by individuals and corporates to handle their cloud work. Google Meet is used by professionals to conduct their meetings.

Such disruptions remind us of having redundancies to prevent inconveniences. Thankfully, we have other services to fall back on when Google Services are down.