GmailAt the moment, most all of us have access to the redesigned Gmail interface on the web (and mobile, for some, else, just grab an APK file and run it). The transition was needed as the older interface was getting stale when compared to the route Google was taking for its products that have a heavy coat of Material Design (MD). The MD update continues to grace more products such as Google Docs and Sheets, and we hope the trend will maintain the same momentum in the coming days.

Now, Google is currently rolling out more features for the new Gmail. The update, which is based on the capabilities of the Right-Click menu, may be seen as an attempt to port more features from Inbox that will see an axe some time in the near future (Google+ is going away too, in case you forgot or use it, like once a year – and also because the social media platform has been hit with privacy issues).

Back to Gmail. These are the features that you will be able to perform once you right click on a conversation: reply, reply to all, forward, archive, delete, mark as read, snooze (a notable update that rolled out to the mobile app too), move to,label as, and my favourite, open in new tab, meaning you can initiate actions across multiple windows without having to reclose and reopen conversations.

Gmail Right Click options

The update is first hitting G Suite enterprise customers. Regular non-paying users will wait for a week, perhaps more to see the changes. We are also certain these developments will bring Inbox refugees a step closer to breaking out from denial and accepting the future that Gmail holds.