2021 is finally ending and 2022 will be a new year that promises to offer a chance to begin afresh on a clean slate with renewed optimism. This is also a good time to rethink how we use technology in our daily lives.

Here are some tech habits you should adopt in 2022 to help you be more efficient, secure and productive too.


As we shift to be online more, it’s imperative to protect your privacy and stay secure.

We’ve already written guides on how to do that. Use the links below:

Use a Strong Password

It’s time to stop using dumb passwords.

You can create a strong password that has a minimum of 12 characters, includes numbers, symbols, capital letters, lower-case letters, isn’t a dictionary word or combination of dictionary words plus doesn’t rely on obvious substitutions.

Set up Two-Factor Authentication on all your online accounts

2FA also known as 2-factor authentication fortifies passwords with a second piece of information which involves a one-time passcode being sent at the time of login.

Here’s a handy guide for you.

Beyond Passwords: All You Need to Know

Use a VPN

You need to protect you web traffic and a VPN(Virtual private network) comes in handy to scramble your IP address, masks your true location and encrypts all data sent between the sites you visit and your computer or smartphone.

Our recommendation is that you go with PAID VPN apps like Nord or Express.

Download apps that put your privacy first

It’s now important to keep your data safe from both prying eyes to would-be hackers. You can opt to use messaging apps like Telegram or Signal, email apps like ProtonMail, browsers like DuckDuckGo, Firefox Focus or Ghostery.

Privacy Apps You Should Download Right Now

Other apps and services you can go for include MyPermissions Privacy Cleaner, Blur from Abine and Cloudflare

Take The Reins on Your Inbox

Inbox Zero is like El Dorado to most people, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and take the reins. Here’s some helpful guides:

Manage your Notifications

2021 is a new year for you to regain control over your notifications.

Android notifications come with their pros and cons and of late they’re becoming annoying as every app wants your attention and it can be overwhelming. The constant interruptions can hinder not only your productivity but also impact you mentally.

Turning on Do Not Disturb mode is an extreme move but with Android Oreo and higher, Notification categories were heaven-sent to keep those Android notifications in check in a manageable manner.

Manage Your Android Notifications with These Tips and Tricks

Spring Clean your Social Media

Everybody’s new year’s resolution is to cut off toxic people. You need to do that on social media and have a more sane experience on your various timelines:

Make Your Android Phone Great Again

We live in an era of upgrades. Companies marketing their new stuff for you to buy, from gadgets to household items, rolling out improved features with each release attempting to provide something irresistibly better than the last one.  It’s a good thing but also a bad thing for some of us who are more intentional with how we purchase products. So if you’re not ready to get that latest Samsung or Huawei or LG or TECNO or Infinix, here’s how to refresh your relatively older device and make it run just as smooth as when you first bought it.

  • Delete those unnecessary apps
  • Keep tabs on apps that drain your battery and access data on the background
  • Reclaim control over apps that access data on the background
  • Get rid of  those annoying notifications
  • Clear up your storage
  • Organize your homescreen
  • Consider downloading lite versions of your regular apps

With these tips, you can reclaim the past glory of your phone when you first got it and you’ll also become more productive.

Tips to Keep Your Android Smartphone Running Smooth Just like When It Was New

Be Kinder online

It’s 2021. Think before you type and ask yourself how you’d feel if you were on the receiving end of what you are about to type.

These Apps Kept Me Distracted In 2020

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  1. Nice article. Mine is to add, Facebook app should be deleted. That thing is pure cancer. Incase of emergency, use FB on incognito browser if you can’t help it.

    I also wouldn’t recommend Nord. They do some shady stuff with their client softwares.

    All in all, great close. We can be much kinder online.

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