What’s on My Phone: June Okal

Nokia 6.1 Plus

Welcome to What’s On My Phone, a weekly column where we will be snooping in on people’s smartphones and figure out how they use them, what apps they are using, and why plus tips too.

We’ll include new entries with different and notable people about what’s on their smartphones and if they are a reflection of their personalities or not.

This week, we’re featuring June Okal, Techweez contributor and a legal professional in technology, media and telecommunications law practice and co-organizer of Nairobi Legal Hackers.

Her focus areas are Innovation, Intellectual Property and Internet Governance.

This Q/A has been edited for length and clarity.

What smartphone are you using and why?

I’m in between two devices – Google Pixel 3 and Nokia 6.1 Plus. The former was a work phone (plus the best camera ever) the latter, affordable, sleek, was when Nokia was just making a comeback and it came with Android One which meant it’d keep updating as new Android versions were getting updated.

Let’s start from your homescreen – how and why have you arranged your apps the way they are?

My homescreen on both devices is very minimalistic, I have the date and time. Standard apps – phone, messages, directory, camera and Chrome.

I have Keep notes on there because I’m always thinking and putting those down on the app. Everything from thoughts, to do lists (especially) errand lists, shopping lists, want lists, to go see and do lists, to read lists and quotes from anything I read, watch or hear. 

What’s on your lock screen wallpaper/homescreen wallpaper?

Nokia has a fantastic in built option for daily wallpapers. I’m not too sure where they’re curated from but as long as it’s under a specific category, I get daily refreshes for the landscape category.

On the other hand, Resplash is bomb, also daily generated beautiful HD wallpapers.

How do you handle notifications?

Lol, I don’t. The only notifications I get are for calls or messages, otherwise all others are off.

Additionally, I have Do not disturb go on at 2045 and end at 0800 the next morning, night light and bedtime mode from 2200 to 0700 (focus mode) with no interruptions or exceptions (sorry mum!) So essentially I don’t see any calls, messages or notifications until the next morning unless I actively seek them out.

I switch both phones off before I sleep and they are effectively persona non grata in to my bedroom.

What customisation tweaks have you done on your phone?

None actually.

What is the app you use to have fun and unwind?

I listen to quite a bit of Audible (audio books are a vibe! Deezer and Spotify (p.s. Deezer’s curation is much better :-P)

What other apps apart from social media apps do you spend the most time on?

Microsoft Teams and Outlook for work – Google Photos for the years in review pics. Scrolling through pics from 1, 3, 7 years ago is an entire vibe.  

Anything else before we wrap up?

The leave it here bowl. I dump my devices, switched off at about 2200 hours every night, (on most nights than not).

Set timers for your apps and be surprised at how much time you waste scrolling through. Digital wellbeing is so underrated.

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