Remember Yahoo Messenger? It has been given a major facelift

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger

When is the last time you heard of Yahoo Messenger? Probably in a long time and for some people this is news but it was one of those early chatting platforms. It was launched way back in 1998 where it offered instant messaging services.

17 years later, it has been given a major overhaul by the Internet giant where they decided to integrate the chatting service with some of their current assets. Here are the new changes:

Group Messaging

Yahoo insists that the new Yahoo Messenger was made with group messaging in mind. Also it is possible for anyone in a group to add another person, change the name of the group or the group photo just like what we have on Telegram.

You can unsend a message

This is important for those cases you make a mistake like sending a message to the wrong person. On Yahoo Messenger, you can un-send any message that contains even a photo or GIF and it will disappear on your side and the other party too.

GIF integration

GIFs are the staple on Tumblr and since Yahoo owns it, you will be able to access the GIF library that is contained in the Tumblr community on Yahoo Messenger.

Photo integration inspired by Flickr

Flickr, the dedicated photo sharing application acquired by Yahoo 10 years ago was the inspiration to Yahoo Messenger’s new photo sharing platform. Yahoo says  you can send “hundreds of photos at a time” and just like Flickr, you can download them in the original quality

Smart contact management

Yahoo Messenger relies on a smart contacts system that is able to understand the relationship between the contacts so that it is easy for you to add people in a group.

This revamp has come rather late at a time where the chat app market in terms of user base is dominated by the likes of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and the likes. The new update is available on the Web, Android and iOS app and in Yahoo Mail where the new app spots a new icon.

Will the new update make you sign up for Yahoo Messenger?