Yahoo Pulls The Plug on Flickr’s Facebook and Google Sign-ins



Yahoo must have got it’s feet now and gonads enough to drop support for it’s services by Google and Facebook. This is via allowing for multiple sign-ins to leverage user-base of other platforms for users who would rather stick to not using Yahoo itself. Flickr is the service we are talking about and the 1TB free image storage service.

Now Yahoo wants to be it’s own man and drop other services off it’s front yard. They are willing to take that gamble and had announced that they would be dropping Google and Facebook sign-in from all of it’s services. Flickr goes first and Yahoo has already emailed users that they can sign in to Flickr via the two third party services one last time after which they will be required to create an actual Yahoo account.

Third party sign-ins mean that users don’t interact with more than that Yahoo service and Yahoo intends for users to consume more of it’s services which include News portals, mobile apps, weather and also mail. Yahoo CEO Marrisa Mayer has been keen on the revival of Yahoo and Flickr has been instrumental to this regard, and it’s time to convert the leads.

Of course there will be backlash from users who would rather stay away from Yahoo services but Yahoo is sticking to their guns and come end of June there will be no more third party sign-ins to Flickr.

Image via Rosanna Prada, Flickr


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