Yahoo Hopes To Get You Back In With New Email Revamp

Yahoo Marissa Mayer

Yahoo Marissa MayerYahoo has updated its email service by adding a new feature that will help you easily find and add content like photos, GIFs, files & links to your emails. There is a new “+” icon on the right that opens a panel on the right side that has tabs for searching for photos, links and documents.

When it comes to photos, they are sorted by date and are displayed in thumbnail form. These photos could be either those you sent/ received and you can search for photos elsewhere on the web using the search box.  GIFs although they are photos per se, they have been given special treatment where you can easily search for them on Yahoo Mail. There are inbuilt search suggestions for GIFs but you can also search for other GIFs elsewhere on the web.

Files on the other hand are sorted by date and these files could be presentations, documents or PDFs that you’ve sent or received. You can also use the search box to look for a specific file by keywords or by person (If you sent or received the file from the other party). You can now cite a website without necessarily leaving the mailbox by searching for the web link within the panel and this link will appear with a preview

Another handy feature is when you find the photo, GIF, file or web link that you want to include in your email, you can just drag and drop them to your email. This is unlike before where you had to attach your files which became embedded as an attachment.

The new features will be rolling out to Yahoo Mail users in the US first and others in the next few days. Will these changes make you want to switch back to Yahoo mail as your primary email? Inform us in the comments.

Here is the video Yahoo posted that gives a visual impression of the changes:


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