Israeli Startup OutSense Will Scan Your Poop to Keep You Healthier

Stool Sample Jar

Using technology to solve everyday challenges could be considered the epitome of humanity. However, I am sure you did not see poop analysis coming, at least not this soon.

A startup in Israel has developed an IOT device that will monitor and analyze your stool in real-time as your get down to business. OutSense refers to our waste as “a status report” that can be analyzed to generate information that can be used to improve gastro-intestinal wellness.

The company has developed a toilet based clip-on sensor, dubbed SA1, that features a multi-spectral camera, a data acquisition board, connectivity and an app. The sensor will “monitor essential health & wellness parameters and communicate them with a mobile device app. One such parameter is hidden blood – a well established and accepted screening tool for colon cancer.”

According to OutSense, nearly 700,000 die of Colo-rectal Cancer, which is considered one of the deadliest forms of cancer. These deaths are caused by late detection of the disease.

The SA1 sensor works by continuously monitoring stool as it is being passed and the information is forwarded to the mobile app, in the form of actionable insights based on the underlying chemical and physical composition.

In case of any abnormalities, the app will alert patients and doctors before it is too late. OutSense hopes that their sensor will eventually replace the current lab tests that lack accuracy and require stool handling, that leads to low compliance.

So, the big question is, how do you like your poop? Monitored? Analyzed? or the old school way of simply flashing it away?


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