You Can Backup Your Whole Computer with Google’s New Backup and Sync App

Google Backup and Sync

Google Backup and SyncAbout a month ago, we informed you of Google’s plan to relaunch Google drive for Mac and PC, this time time full computer sync capabilities. The new app was set to launch on the 28 of June but was delayed due to “valuable feedback” that the company had received from early testers.

The new app, which was launched a few days ago, is known as “Backup and Sync” and will essentially work the same way iCloud does. Unlike the current Google Drive app where you can only backup items in the “Google Drive” folder, Backup and Sync will let you select all the folders you want backed up and it will take care of the rest.

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The app is available for PC, Mac and even tablets. Keep in mind that Google is only giving 15GB free and you will have to fork out some dollars to get additional storage. The prices range from $20/year for 100GB to $100/year for 1TB.

Download Google Backup and Sync

Google says that they have not discontinued the old Google Drive uploader, however the company plans to launch Drive File Stream, a similar product to Backup and Sync targeted at businesses.

My colleague Kenn Abuya, has been using Google Backup and Sync and he claims that “it makes backing all of your PC/Mac files way to easy, save for space restrictions.” Read his full review using the link below.

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