Giphy Has Made it Easy for Anyone to Create GIFs


GIFs have been with us since the dawn of the Internet age and lately, they have become really popular in social networks. They allow you to express certain expressions that cannot be effectively expressed using emojis or words and this means there is a huge demand for them.

Giphy has become a leading GIF repository for the web and the likes of Facebook and Twitter use its large database of GIFs for use to its users.

However, not everyone knows how to create GIFs and Giphy knows that. That is why they decided to come up with an online tool that allows anyone to create GIFs easily.

GIFs are usually several picture frames that are rendered so many times a second like videos and an easy way to create them is from traditional videos. This tool allows you to either create GIFs from a link from YouTube/Vimeo or saved videos.

When you drag and drop a video for example, it will show you a timeline where you can choose the start time and end time of the GIF. You can also add a caption to it either by making it look like a subtitle, a meme or using the default font style that looks like the middle of the two. There is also a setting for changing the colour of the caption,adding relevant tags that describe the GIF and the source URL if you sourced the video from a link.

This is a great way for the general public to create GIFs and also a brilliant move by Giphy to make sure they stay ahead in the GIF game.