How to Get Rid of Low Battery Performance on Android

Smartphone battery

Smartphone batterySmartphone devices including Android face certain performance related issues over time. Battery draining issue is one of them which occurs due to various reasons. These reasons may include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Screen brightness, Screen timeout period, apps running in background etc. You can extend your device battery life by managing these battery draining functions. You can also use battery saver apps for instant and effective results. Let’s discuss ways to deal with low battery performance on Android.

Turn off Wi-Fi & Bluetooth: Usage of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to share and receive data causes a lot of batter drain on your device. When you keep these two services enabled all the time, even to connect your calls with Bluetooth then it surely consumes lot of battery juice. If you leave Wi-Fi enabled, it will sniff around for networks even if you are not using it. To avoid battery drain caused due to these services, try to enable these services only when required. It will help you save some battery for sure.

Manage Screen Timeout & Brightness: Android allows you to set the brightness of the device screen automatically to help you use device without any problem. If you are not using this feature, then try to keep brightness of the device screen to minimum level to avoid fast battery drain.  Another useful feature is screen timeout. You can find screen time out feature under Settings of your device. It helps you to turn off your screen when you are not using it actively.  Apart of it when you are not actively using the device prefer to tap on power button to instantly turn the screen off.

Manage Location Services & GPS:  GPS & location services are useful features on smartphones to help you access many services effortlessly. It allows you to access maps, locations, an area dominated app suggestions and much more. You can use these services and enable them when needed. Else keeping them active all the time cause battery drain only. It is also useful for security reasons to turn off location & GPS services when not needed as many apps keep on monitoring your location through your built-in location & GPS app.

Turn off apps running in the background: One major reason behind fast battery drain on your device could be apps running in the background. These apps consume RAM, CPU and other device resources and cause battery drain. Many of these apps run in the background even without your knowledge. To stop all these apps & services running in the background go to Settings > Apps or Application Manager > Running Apps and stop them instantly.

Avoid Vibration: Keeping your phone on vibration mode all the time may consume more device resources than using a simple ringtone for call or message alert. When you keep your phone on ringtone mode it requires making a small membrane in your phone speaker enough to produce sound.When you using vibration mode, motors rotate a small weight to make device shake. Thus, it consumes lot of device resources. If you don’t get disturbed with ringtone on your phone, then prefer it to vibration mode.

Power Saving Mode: This built-in feature will help you instantly save some battery juice on your device. It will deactivate all different services which are consuming battery. It is one useful feature to save some battery instantly. During Power Saving mode you can perform all different tasks effortlessly.

Use battery saver apps: If you have tried everything else manually then this should be the next step to save some battery juice instantly and effectively. You can use best battery saver apps for Android which work on advanced techniques to help you manage battery draining apps & features effectively. These apps disable all unwanted features and stop unnecessary services running in the background. It helps you manage different features on your device that includes, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Auto-sync, background services and much more. One of these effective apps is Systweak Android Cleaner which offers extensive features to help you save some battery instantly.

Conclusion: Using some built-in features on Android and using various battery saver apps you can extend your battery life significantly. It will help you perform more important tasks for longer time. Apart of built-in features, Android battery saver apps also offer effective results to improve battery life.

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