Infinix Zero 5 Leaked Information Point to Dual Cameras, Metallic Unibody & 6GB RAM


The official launch of the Infinix Zero 5 is about three to four months away and someone might point out that it is too early for leaks to be popping up but I assure you the information we have is from a credible source, sort of, ok, just take it all with a pinch of salt.

A credible source has informed Techweez that the Infinix Zero 5 will come in a metallic unibody design that can only be described as “slim and sleek”. The Zero 4 is 7.75mm thick and Infinix has made the Zero 5 slimmer, probably down to around 7.1mm. The slimmer body might mean that the Zero 5 will have a smaller battery inside, which is not exactly the kind of news you want to be reading. Our source also told us that the back is slightly curved, probably following the same design language as the Infinix Note 4.

Following the trends of 2017, the Zero 5 is said to pack dual cameras at the back. The function of the second lens is not yet known, we did not even get any mega pixel count but my guess is that the company will retain the 16MP lens from the Zero 4 and the second lens will probably be used for refocusing like we saw on the TECNO Phantom 6. Speaking of the Phantom, the design of the Zero 5’s dual cameras will be reminiscent of the same design we are likely to see on the Phantom 7.

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The crown jewel of the leak is the 6GB RAM that will be packed inside the Infinix Zero 5. This is significant compared to last year’s Zero 4 which packed 3GB RAM while the Plus variant packed 4GB. We have not received any information on storage capacity but I bet you it will not be lower than 32GB.

As for the processor, we are likely to see the same MediaTek Helio X20 that we saw on the Zero 4 Plus last year, which is good enough but I would love to see the new 10nm Helio X30 instead to better place the Zero 5 at par with the competition.

None of the information we have here has been confirmed by Infinix. It is also still early enough for things to change and in case they do, don’t shoot the messenger.


  1. The first thing you need to rule out is the helio x20, simply because it only supports 4GB of RAM, if it’s going to be used then the RAM maxes out at 4GB. And I also highly doubt the helio X30, that would really be nice but as of August 2017, only one phone uses it, and its a high end flagship that costs >500$.the more realistic chipset would be the helio p25, I’d say the p20 but it only supports single camera set up… So.. p25 it is! This seems more likely as it has ‘flagship-like’ clock speeds of 2.5Giga Hertz, support dual cameras, dual channel RAM, meaning 6GB support and is claimed to be super efficient therefore can manage just fine with a smaller battery. Besides such specs have already been put into some phones, see umidigi Z1 pro and vernee mars. With such a spec list, infinix might make me consider ditching my xiaomi.

  2. Mehn, if this device will really be launched with a roughly 6gb ram eh, It’ll be the hottest thing on the streets but the price will drop some people’s jaw tho, lols

  3. With 6GB RAM and Dual rear camera, I think Infinix zero 5 will take the smartphone world to another level, powerful for gaming, watching HD movies and above all give value for your money.

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