Check out These Temporarily Free Apps for Android!


Android has been around for some time and its app store aka Google Play features a number of notable titles that have a price slapped on them. Once in a while, developers lift an app’s price tag to boost installs, and this is a habit that has been going on for some time. A couple of years ago, it was difficult to get app deals unless a holiday was imminent, say Christmas Day. In fact, I downloaded Nova Launcher Prime and Poweramp (everyone should have these two fine apps, IMO) when they cost like KES 200 during a festive period. Afterward, my life improved drastically because I stopped worrying about Poweramp expiring in a two-week period, for which I was forced to sneak into the Play Store using one of my 1000000 emails. Nova Launcher Prime has also been kind to me based on its feature-rich approach in beefing up your homescreen (note, do not overload it with heavy icon packs because you’ll be forced to endure homescreen redraws).

That aside, there are a couple of excellent, paid apps that you can download for KES 0 in the next couple of hours.

Cambi Photo Camera 

Well, there is no shortage of photography apps in Android. Majority of them have little to offer other than filters and broken manual mode systems. Oftentimes, these are apps you use for a day, get bored and discard them. Remember Prisma? Me neither.

So, what’s Cambi’s strong point? It has tens of magic live filters to turn your self portraits into ‘unique photo masterpieces.’ Whether that is the case or not, you will have to test it for yourself because I found it pretty basic, although it offers a fair amount of editing tools like blur, offline filters and a handy sharing option. However, tastes are subjective, which means that the next person might find it cool – for the gram or cheeky WhatsApp profiles.

Put It Down! Stop Texting and Calling When Driving! 

This is a self-explanatory app, and is a feature that should be included in all phones.

Anyway, Put It Down! uses your smartphone sensors to determine speeds that are to the north of 10 miles per hour, after which it automatically switches to Do Not Disturb Mode (DND) where notifications are blocked. When speed drops to under 10 miles/hour, it switches back to normal mode.

To make sure that the app is always running, there is a password option to eliminate the possibility of it falling victim some Android phone’s aggressive memory management, cough Xiaomi, cough. It a sad reality that we need apps to keep us off our phones when driving.

Password Saver 

Similar to the previous app, this one is self explanatory. If you have not buried a notebook somewhere with hand-written passwords, or cannot afford LastPass’s monthly fees, Password Saver will save the day. All you need to do is punch in passwords for your accounts, and they will stay in your phone safely (no, they will not be stored in the cloud), with encryption in tow. Also, the app has a password generator for the the ABCD12345 demographic.


Firstly, this app goes in line with material design guidelines. Secondly, it is extremely handy for people who love clean housekeeping. Do you want your music files in one folder? How about videos? Are text files strewn in multiple folders and organizing them turns you mad? Do you want to write personal customization formats for sorting? This is the app for you.

Daregon: Isometric Puzzles 

If you enjoy playing Monument Valley, then it is highly probable that this clone will be equally interesting.



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