See LG’s Version of the Samsung Galaxy S8+ with a Curved Display


Keeping a hot device under wraps till official unveiling is a challenging task to accomplish in the modern world. This is because major companies such as Apple, Samsung and LG, to mention a few, have multiple suppliers for components. For instance, company 1 is might be tasked to supply display panels, company 2 for batteries and so forth. Amidst these activities, a leak is understandably going to happen. In most cases, however, lucky case makers have access to full dimensions of a particular phone, which makes it too easy for them to have an educated guess on a device’s schematics.

Usually, Q3 and 4 are busy months for OEMs. This is a period when phone companies flex their muscle to unveil their best attempt in distracting people from the buzz created by Apple’s iPhone announcement that is preceded by IFA. IFA rounds up these OEMS, where heavy hitters such as the Galaxy Note series and LG V series of smartphones are announced.

About LG, notorious leaker Evan Blass has blessed tech enthusiasts with full-body renders of the company’s V series smartphone, V30. These high-res shots are the best you are going to see as they virtually show everything, save for its top and bottom ends.

Looking at the renders, it can be seen that the V30 will borrow a lot from the G6 and Samsung S8/+ phones. Rumours have it that the V30 may spot a 6.0-inch QHD+ POLED FullVision display (with the same 18:9 aspect ratio on the G6) and a slight curve at the glass front and back. The second signature V display is a thing of the past, apparently. It also inherits the same dual-camera setup from the G6, and is rumoured to be world’s first sensor with an f/1.6 aperture ratio lens.

On its sides are volume buttons, which keeps it clean as the power button is embedded in the rear fingerprint scanner. There are no fancy digital assistant buttons to annoy you.

Assuming these leaks are right, the V30 will be powered by Qualcomm S835 processor with 64 or 128 GB of internal storage and Android 7.1.1.

By the way, we cannot tell if it will include a headphone jack.

The V30 will be announced in August 31.

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