Instagram Will Let You Share Multiple Photos in Portrait or Landscape

No more square crop

instagram portrait landscape orientation

When Instagram was launched, it forced how people shoot photos since they were cropped in a square format. This even forced OEMs like Apple to add a dedicated square shooting mode on the camera app and other manufacturers followed suit.

However that restriction has not been fair to some photos which may look way better in the wide landscape mode or in portrait mode. Instagram has over time added the ability to show portraits and landscape in photos, but still kept the annoying square format when they introduced albums.

Instagram albums let you upload upto 10 photos in a single post and it was a great way to show an event instead of filling the timeline with the photos. The one disadvantage is that the photos ended up being cropped to the square format, which was not ideal and now Instagram is changing that.

instagram portrait landscape orientation

The company says that now you will be able to upload photos and videos in these albums in either landscape and portrait formats. However to keep the experience smooth and consistent, all the photos or videos that you share must be in the same format. This means that if you choose to share photos of a birthday party, you have the option to share the entire set in portrait mode or landscape mode, but not a mixture of both.

Instagram has also added the ability to tag people after you have posted these albums on iOS and you can save these albums as drafts if you’re not ready yet to share them.

The new update is available as version 12 for iOS and Android so update your apps to enjoy it.


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