Here is a List of Sony Xperia Phones That Will Get Android Oreo

Sorry Xperia Z5 and Z5 Premium users

sony xperia android oreo update


Android 8.0 Oreo is the brand new flavour of Android that was recently announced by Google and now the next challenge is now seeding this update to existing devices, something manufacturers are notoriously bad at. Android Oreo was recently released to Google’s own Pixel and Nexus devices and now we get to see other manufacturers announcing which devices in their portfolio will get the sweet new update.

Sony has their Xperia line which they update rather frequently and recently, they announced their new devices: Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact which they said will ship with Android Oreo this month. It was a matter of time for the company to announce the other Xperia devices to get Android Oreo and they have finally released the list:

  • Xperia XZ Premium
  • Xperia XZs
  • Xperia XZ
  • Xperia X
  • Xperia X Performance
  • Xperia X Compact
  • Xperia XA1
  • Xperia XA1 Ultra
  • Xperia XA1 Plus

Notable misses in this list includes the Sony Xperia Z5 and the Xperia Z5 Premium, which were announced way back in 2015 and have since reached their end of life cycle in terms of updates. The Sony Xperia Z5 and the Z5 Premium have decent specs including the fact that the Premium has a 4K screen and it would be a wake up call for users with this phones to upgrade to the current generation Xperia devices.

Sony says they have been working hard to bring this major update to as many devices as possible, but they didn’t specify exactly when they will push the Oreo update to the above devices.