Combining a design of subtle minimalism and Inverter technology from LG Electronics, the new NeoChef range aims to take LG microwave ovens to a new level. With the inclusion of new design elements not seen before from LG, the new NeoChef microwave ovens are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and will introduce a touch of class to the modern kitchen. The NeoChef models include features such as simplified controls to streamline operation and an Anti-Bacterial EasyClean internal surface to help in keeping the oven clean.

Minimalistic Design

The models in the elegant LG NeoChef range have sleek modern design lines thanks to a single tempered glass panel on the front door. This combines with a refined matte exterior enabling the NeoChef to integrate nicely into the decor of a modern kitchen. The subtle contrast between the microwave’s glass door front and metal body give it a distinguished, refined look whether in black, white or silver. The ergonomically designed rounded pocket-style handle delivers user-convenience and replaces the traditional ‘push button’ opening mechanism. The NeoChef has a simple sliding timer touch control or a rotating dial design depending on the model preferred.

Even Cooking

Thanks to the LG Smart Inverter technology, that allows for flexibility to select the power level at the start of the cooking process and varies the power delivered during the cooking process depending on the cooking option selected, the NeoChef microwave ovens use an uninterrupted linear supply of power to more evenly cook, reheat or defrost food. The NeoChef range also boasts models with up to 1200-watt maximum power to cook dishes more quickly than lower power models. With just one appliance, you can warm, fry, defrost and cook. From delicately proofing yoghurt to melting chocolate, to popping your corn, the LG Inverter microwave is a versatile cooking solution.

Included, is a healthy fry option that uses an air fry method of cooking thus reducing the need of deep frying. This can reduce the amount of residual fat in potato wedges by up to 72%

Easy Clean

The NeoChef range also features internal coating material to increase cleanliness. The Anti-Bacterial EasyClean Coating makes cleaning the microwave a breeze and the coating makes it harder for dangerous contaminants to take root, eliminating 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria.

Stable Turntable and LED Lamp

The NeoChef range has a hexagonal stable turntable that offers increased stability with its six points of support, solving the issue of possible spillage when food containers are not exactly centred. The range also features an energy efficient interior LED lamp that is three times brighter than conventional LG models with incandescent lamps, lets users easily monitor the cooking process.

The NeoChef lineup consists of three models, the standard solo microwave that will retail at Ksh.17,500, the larger option with Grill will retail at Ksh.24,500 and the top of the range Convectional premium microwave that will retail at Ksh.48,500. They are available for purchase in all LG retail stores including their online brandshop.



  1. Wow Lg is always on it, I believe this Smart Inverter is one of the main specs that triggered my step mother to buying it early this month

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