There are times when you make a life-changing decision with the hope that you will not regret it and when I switched to the X-TIGI A1 Plus two weeks ago, that is the exact same situation I was in. No, I am not exaggerating, it is a possible scenario. My life revolves around my phone and switching phones is a decision that requires a lot of thought, otherwise, I will be crawling back to my main phone in a day or two.

The A1 Plus is X-TIGI’s first true flagship device and everything about it points to that direction. To mine and many others’ surprise, the A1 Plus is a well thought out, well-rounded device that will be an unresistible deal for most people especially when they get to know that it retails at Ksh. 26,000.

With the intimate time I have spent with the X-TIGI A1 Plus, these are the five top things to love about the device:


The design of a phone is what attracts you to have a closer look at what it has to offer and true to this, the A1 Plus is a looker. So much so that a day does not pass before someone asks me, “which phone is that?”. The X-TIGI A1 Plus is clad in an all aluminium unibody design, that is quite slippery but all that is part of the aesthetic. The attention to detail is incredible. From the 2.5D glass covering the display to the red accent along the power button, it’s the little things that make the most difference.


A 5.5-inch Full HD IPS panel can be found on the front of the A1 Plus. This panel is not only big, it offers amazing colour accuracy, great viewing angles, gets bright enough for unstrained readability in direct sunlight and is perfect for media consumption.

Edge Bar

Remember when I said it is the little things that count? Well, here’s where that statement really speaks out. X-TIGI has integrated a neat feature that lets you set up to 6 apps or contact shortcuts that are accessible through a simple swipe to the right or left of the home button. You can access the edge bar from any app, ensuring that you can now multitask like the boss that you tell yourself you are 🙂


What’s a smartphone if it cannot take crispy selfies and photos to get you 500 likes on Instagram? The X-TIGI A1 Plus does not shy off when it comes to taking great shots. The device is packed with a 13MP main camera and a lovely 16MP selfie shooter to quench your self-obsession.

Images produced by the A1 Plus are detailed, colourful and popping – especially the selfies.

Fingerprint reader

I know. It’s 2017 and even entry-level devices have a fingerprint reader. Well, the reader on the X-TIGI A1 Plus stands out because of its speed and accuracy. The reader which is located at the front of the device, on the home button, works whether the screen is on or not.

For the time that I have had the device, I have not gotten any fingerprint mismatch errors or experienced any slow downs in the scan speed. The reader is accurate and unlocks your device in less than a second – it’s even faster if the display is on!

As a first attempt at playing ball with the big boys, X-TIGI has really outdone themselves. For a complete specifications list of the X-TIGI A1 Plus, go here. Looking to buy the X-TIGI A1 Plus, find it on Jumia.

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