Someone is Selling Flipflops That Mock Trump Tweets

Taking tweets to a whole new level

president trump tweets flip flops

President Trump has been on everyone’s radar since he decided to run for president and eventually winning the election. He has also decided to use Twitter has his main medium to voice his policies as President and since his account is not ‘new’, people usually end up exhuming his past tweets from time to time.

Trump tweets end up being quite controversial and the engagement they generate is impressive on their own right. He criticizes people directly and gives opinions about serious issues that deviates from the expected logic like the tweet about global warming.

Well someone has decided to make good use of Trump tweets and it is in the weirdest possible way: flipflops

A guy by the name @SamTheCobra decided to start a project which he calls President Flip Flops. The Twitter account was started rather recently where it showcases the various flipflops that have President Trump’s tweets layered on them.

Sam even created a website where you can view the flipflops that have been categorized under different categories of Trump tweets: Syria, electoral college and sources edition. Trump likes talking about this sort of content and it is hilarious to see them layered on flip-flops

Interesting enough, he is selling these president flip-flops on the shop section of the website and they are going for $28 each, but weirdly, they are only available for men (hmm…)

The Internet always remains undefeated and I wonder what Trump would feel like if he saw these. I guess a Twitter rant at 3AM maybe? I don’t know.