Ideal Business and Tech Landscape Leads to a Number of Startups Calling Dubai Home

Dubai skyline 2015

Not only is Dubai the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, but it has also become one of the fastest growing economic centres in the world.  The 1990s brought a massive influx of money into the infrastructure of Dubai via the oil industry, and rapid growth has been the norm ever since.

Aptly nicknamed the City of Gold, Dubai is now synonymous with wealth and extravagance.  Boasting the spectacular Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, the business galaxy has taken notice of Dubai’s rise to global prominence.

The result has been a sizable increase in the amount of investment in the city, as well as a number of businesses moving all or part of their organization to Dubai.  An international community of denizens and a future-minded approach to urban planning have also helped transform this jewel on the Arabian Gulf into a growth hub.

The financial boon of the city and business-friendly environment have created fertile ground for tech startups.  Proving that a simple, well-executed idea can quickly generate massive revenue, these fresh-faced companies view Dubai as ground zero for success.

Best of all, the products, services, and platforms created by these startups in Dubai are beneficial on a global scale.  Whether the tech is driving a real-time traffic report in the U.K. or money deposits for mobile games, companies in Dubai are positioning themselves to provide solutions around the world.

Here are five noteworthy startups leading the pack of Dubai’s renaissance of technology and commerce.

Careem – An extremely successful startup company, Careem is an on-demand car service that is based in Dubai, but operates within 53 cities around the world. As one of the primary rivals to car service giant Uber, Careem has been making significant waves in the industry and as of 2017 was valued at around $1 Billion.

Fletchr – Offering an on-demand app based delivery service, Fetchr once again proves Dubai is a hotbed for successful startups. Boasting a service of picking up and delivering anything you want, all done through your phone, Fetchr has taken an existing idea and built upon it.  Fletchr currently operates in four countries, but they are sure to be expanding to more very soon.

Holidayme – Realizing there was a gap in the market for travel planning services in the region, has become a fast-growing startup for the Middle East.  Offering customizable itineraries, as well as airport pick up and drops, Holidayme now works out of three offices, but began locally in a garage in Dubai.  It’s a rags-to-riches tale similar to the humble beginnings of tech giants like Google and Dell.

Sellanycar – Started by a Turkish entrepreneur with previous startup success, supplies a service that auctions off cars to wholesalers, traders, and parts dealers.  Moving the company to Dubai, in part because of the low taxation, Sellanycar is fast becoming the top car buyer in the region.  By making the promise to its users that it can shorten the process of selling their cars to under 30 minutes, this startup is streamlining and bringing joy to a complicated transaction that’s otherwise despised by many.

Mybox – Started as a convenient and faster way of dropping off and picking up laundry, the Mybox app is currently expanding into other services.  With their secure lockers situated all around the city of Dubai, they have created a way to make common errands very easy.  An innovative idea with customer practicality in mind, Mybox shows how a simple idea can lead to a lot of success in the City of Gold.


  1. As the demands are growing with the growing population, it’s an exciting time for many startups to steal the great business opportunities in Dubai.

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