Black Artistes Showcase Their Art via #DrawingWhileBlack Twitter Hashtag

drawing while black hashtag

drawing while black hashtag

Twitter’s hashtag is a decade old and it has been one of the most impactful features the company has put out in a while. The functionality has been replicated in other social networks since it allows for grouping of related posts which can be easily searched.

On Twitter, hashtag is used for different purposes: Trending a fun topic, talking about serious issues or even for marketing purposes. This time round, this hashtag was used as a fun way to promote talent, specifically in the arts.

The hashtag #drawingwhileblack became a collection of art pieces (drawings especially) from black artists from around the word. Since Twitter allows you to upload upto 4 pieces, these artists were able to share photos of their art to the rest of the world on Twitter.

Starting with Kwashie from Ghana with his incredible ball point pen pieces 

I don’t know how she does this, but these are incredible

These are pieces by a female Nigerian illustrator. Very chic

Wow! This should be made into an anime series or something

Another artist who wants his art to change current views on Manga and Anime

Jamaican artist who comes up with cartoons 

West Indies lady who likes drawing plants apparently

Jamaican who identifies himself as a visual artist

Nigerian Pen artist with a recurring ball point art theme which look extremely detailed

Daniel from South Africa is a sketch artist and his ‘scribbles’ look great

Japanese Jamaican kid who wants to major in video game design. Cool!

Jessica majors in children’s literature.