iPhone 8 Plus Has The Best Camera in a Smartphone According to DxOMark

The iPhone 8 is behind its sibling

iPhone 8 Plus dxomark

DxoMark is the company that is well known for its ratings on traditional cameras and lenses, but they also rate the cameras on smartphones too. Their rating has been used to judge how good the sensors on these smartphones are, although their scores are usually criticized by a lot of people on the Internet.

The DxOMark score has become so important in that smartphone companies have used the scores as part of their marketing campaign. Google did it with the Pixel when it scored an 89 and recently, HTC did with the launch of the U11 which scored a 90, a record which has been smashed today.

According to DxOMark, the iPhone 8 Plus is now the best smartphone camera they have ever tested, besting the previous leader, the HTC U11 with a sky high score of 94 against the U11’s 90.

The DxOMark way of testing involves testing both the photo and video capabilities of a smartphone. They found out that the 8 Plus set the record for the Photo section (96) which is way better than the previous leader, the Pixel (90). For video, it is behind the Pixel which has 91 but it is tied with the U11 with a score of 89.

Apple said that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus feature new camera sensors with the same megapixel count as their predecessors (12MP) that was paired with a new image signal processor that does better pixel processing, faster autofocus, wider colour capture and better HDR. It looks like Apple was true to its word, judging from the report.

DxOMark was quick to point out that the iPhone 8 scored a lower score of 92, which is lower than the Plus model, but still higher than any other phone in their database.

It would be interesting to see what score the upcoming iPhone X will get since it has a slightly different camera from the iPhone 8 Plus and going by this figures, it could be higher. Also, we are waiting for the new Google Pixel and the Huawei Mate 10 that we have high expectations for in the camera department.


    • they tested s8 back in may awarding it a score of 88… though these dxomark ranks dont mean much, xperias used to top the list but real life testing results werent as good

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