Seize These 5 Temporarily Free Apps on Google Play

Free apps Android

Free apps AndroidLately, we’ve been seeing a couple of app deals in Google Play, and we figured it’s a good idea to let you know about them if you’re an app junkie. Some of these apps are really good, and considering people use different apps based on personal taste, there’s a demographic that finds these choices useful. Add this to lifted prices, albeit temporarily, and you see why such deals are generally appealing.

Today’s deals are as follows, and you need to keep in mind that they are not free for a long time, so you should hit that download button promptly.

  1. FROOP and Dolphin Skins

Poweramp was the very fast app I purchased back in 2012, and I’ve been loyal to it. It’s packed to the brim with basic and advanced features, but my favourites include the ability to download album arts, robust EQ settings and theming. Theming because Poweramp rarely receives updates. In fact, it has the same UI from 2011, and the only way you can change its look is by applying themes. There are several themes in Google Play, but good ones are not for free. However, you can grab FROOP and Dolphin skins today for a visual upgrade if you’re into app aesthetics. Also, the two themes are heavily painted with several colours, and that may put some people off.

By the way, its Material theme is what I’ve been using for almost two years now and I’ve never been happier. It’s clean and quietly brilliant, ahem HTC.

L-R: Dolphin and FROOP
  1. 80s Music Radio Pro

I don’t know how many of you listen to FM radio on your smart handhelds. Those who don’t, like yours truly can tell you that the quality of music is often wanting, and that ranges from selection to degredation as the tunes sound way too muddy. In the same line of thought is the fact the presenters talk too much or are busy selling you land in some place you’ve never heard of or telling you why your relationships suck.

On the bright side of things is that there’s online radio where things are quieter.

I’ve been testing 80s Music Radio Pro and it’s actually nice. If you grew up in the 80s (I did not) and loved hits from that time, you’ll find them here, including genres like pop, rock, dance, rap, hip hop, among others. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Eric B and Rakim’s Paid In Full, so my ratings for this app are good.

80s music Radio Pro

There’s one issue with the app, and that’s design. Its dialog boxes and UI were definitely designed for Gingerbread, and I’ve never understood why developers leave their apps to age this bad. Fortunately, core functions are still intact.

  1. Fractions math Pro

I’ve never really liked math because numbers don’t lie. I like my numbers crafty with some form of flexibility to cut me some slack.

Anyway, as the name of this app suggests, you’ll be able to play around with fractions on a clean interface that doesn’t annoy you with ads. You can convert them into fractions, simplify or compare them, in addition to finding their lowest common denominator.

Fractions pro

These are functions that your normal calculator app lacks, so there’s that.

  1. Millimetre Pro screen ruler

This is another brilliant app that works offline. There are no ads here as well.

Millimeter Pro

Ideally, the app uses the screen of your phone for length measurements in the same fashion a tape measure or vanier callipers work. All you’ve to do is place the object on the scale paper (on your phone’s display) and adjust the edges to make a measurement. Since this is a Pro app, you can measure area, radius and diameter, as well as split distances into equal parts. Neat.

  1. AccSpeed

As you might have guessed, this a digital speedometer that uses your phone’s accelerometer and GPS speed measurement to determine speed. Mostly, the app is applicable in vehicles, and has additional tricks like giving maximum and mean speed, as well as altitude and covered distance.


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