Google held their second “Made by Google” event on the 4th of October 2017 and as all eyes were on the new Pixel devices, which are great btw, Google did also make some interesting announcements regarding some new additions and iterations to their Made by Google lineup.

Here’s everything else that Google announced:

Google Home Mini and Max

Last year, the company introduced Google Home, which is a smart speaker that comes inbuilt with Google Assistant. This year, Google added the Home Mini, which is a miniature version of the Google Home. The mini is kinda circular but looks great all together. The Mini will retail for $49.

The Max is, you guessed it, a larger version of the Home. The Max is more of a square design that looks like a proper Bluetooth speaker, offering “great sound” through its machine learning powered smart sound feature. The Max will retail for $399.

Google Pixel Buds

After trolling Apple last year for ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack, Google did the noble thing and got rid of the headphone jack on the new Pixel 2 devices. The company then went ahead and released the Pixel Buds, which are a direct answer to Apple’s AirPods. Admittedly, the wireless Pixel Buds look amazing and they are connected together by a wore that ensures their safety. The coolest thing about the Pixel Buds? They can do real-time translation of up to 40 languages. The Pixel Buds will retail for $159.

Google Pixel Clips


Another new product that was added to the Made by Google lineup is the Pixel Clips. The Clips is a small hands-free camera that has clip-on to clip onto anything. The purpose of the Clips is to record “special” moments that would otherwise be missed. The Clips is packed full with AI that helps the gadget determine which moments it should capture via video or photos. The Clips will retail for $249.

Google Pixelbook

Google finally made their own Chrome OS device. The Pixelbook is a bendy mini laptop that comes with a 12.3-inch QHD display, up to 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD storage, offers 2 hours battery life with just 15 minutes charge and weighs in at just 1kg. Google also introduced the Pixel Pen, which is a stylus companion for the Pixel book that comes with 2,000 levels of pressure sensitivity. Pixelbook starts at $999 and the Pixel Pen is $99.

Daydream View

Admittedly, VR has not picked at the pace that we had all hoped and AR seems to be taking over but that did not stop Google from introducing a new Daydream view headset that offers slight aesthetical and functional improvements over last year’s headsets. The new headsets will give users exclusive access to 250 VR titles including YouTube VR and free IMAX 3D movies.

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