More than a Little Crash, Little Apologizes for Outage


little cab

Hailing cabs via apps has become more of a niche to a normal thing in 2017 and has made it easy for users to get cabs to their location on requests. Since the entry of Uber into the Kenyan market in 2015, we have seen other players also come into play to take a piece of the taxi market and one of them is Little.

Little has been in operation in the country for the last one year and is one of the popular options to ride around town. You may have noticed that people tend to hail cabs when they are unexpectedly stuck somewhere and this was shown clearly yesterday.

Yesterday, there was an unexpected heavy rainfall in Nairobi that dragged on for hours during the evening rush hour. This meant that a lot of people out there decided to hail cabs to their locations. In the case of Little, the demand was so high, it broke their system. The CEO of Craft Silicon, Kamal Budhabhatti issued a statement that was distributed to customer’s emails.

Yesterday, like any other day, was an important day for us. And we really wanted it to be a great day for you as usual. But towards the end of the day, we knew that we messed up your ride experience which was less than pleasant.

As we know, sometimes technology makes you go Kukus. And that is exactly what happened yesterday at around 1700 hours we started getting over 40,000 ride requests creating cracks on our platform, which took us a bit of a time to fill it.

We have however taken appropriate steps to ensure that we do not create such inconveniences to you again.

I take up this as an opportunity to improve and ensure premium experience that we have promised to every Kenyan.

As a humble gesture, take a ride this Sunday, 15th October to enjoy an exclusive KES 100 off, with the code SMILE100.

Continue enjoying Little.

Little claims that they got over 40,000 ride requests yesterday at 5pm which broke their system and it took a while to patch it. Fortunately, they have promised that they will not have such a bad experience for the users again. As a ‘humble gesture’, Little has decided to offer its users KES 100 off a ride this coming Sunday using the promo code SMILE100.


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