E-Cab Firm Little Ventures Into Logistics


E-cab firm Little has announced that it will be taking part in the logistics business. The announcement was revealed by Little CEO Kamal Budhabhatti. According to his statement, development follows a successful run in corporate cab hailing, which the cab launched a few years ago.

“We learned and mastered the art of Corporate Ride Hailing – and became a dominant player. Now it’s time to learn again. Launching Little Logistics. City, Intercity, and Cross border. Little App. Super excited. I can’t stop thinking about how great our team is,” said CEO Kamal.

Little is currently piloting the service with two corporate customers. Commercial launch should be announced during the first week of June 2022.

Little is not the only company taking advantage of the huge need for logistics services. Other companies have been in the space for an extended period, including Sendy which even offers fulfillment services. Little, on the other hand, is not offering fulfillment for the moment.

“We have several customers on Little who have been demanding for such service, and clearly telling us that services and products from other providers are not up to the mark compared to Little services. So, we realized the need,” adds Kamal.

Today we are biggest player in the Corporate Ride Hailing. We have been able to achieve this based on amazing product and service. We plan to do the same in Logistics. – CEO Kamal

The service will be accessed via a Corporate Portal. It will also be available on the Little app just as an extension.

The first phase of the product will serve customers in major towns in Kenya. There are also plans to expand the service regionally.