Telkom Kenya Launches PEWA 100 and Daily SMS @KES 5 for Emergency Airtime and SMS


telkom-kenya-logoTelkom Kenya has announced two new products for its customer base of more than 1.8 million subscribers. Dubbed PEWA 100 and Daily SMS @KES 5, the two products aim to enhance communication in cases where users need advance airtime or SMS packages at a low price.

The third largest mobile operator introduced PEWA serviced five years ago today when it was operating as Orange Kenya. Subscribers had a chance to request for emergency airtime from KES 20 to KES 50. Service fees were only applied after a 24-hour period. The attractiveness of this product lives to date, and PEWA 100 should extend its strong points. However, a 10% service fee will be applied immediately for all the three options Pewa 20, 50 and 100. You will receive KES 90 of airtime when you request for Pewa 100. PEWA 100 subscribers will be able to buy more data bundles and Holla offers than before.

To qualify for PEWA 100, you need to have a Telkom SIM card because water is wet and a mobile phone. That line must have been active for 2 months (competitors push it to 3 months), and you must have topped up with more than KES 50 of airtime prior to making a request. Of course, you must have cleared earlier PEWA loan. The T&C state that PEWA 100 cannot be used when roaming, nor can it last past the 30-day mark. If you fail to clear PEWA 100 in 7 days, the service will be suspended to for two short weeks, so keep that in mind. Activation is done by dialing *133#.

Daily SMS @KES 5 will bundled with the Daily SMS bundle that offers 250 SMS (200 Telkom SMS, 50 to rival networks) at KES 10. The new service will give users 50 SMS. This can be accessed by pressing *188# or *123# and selecting 3 for appropriate prompts. To check the SMS Daily balance, press *131#. It should be noted that users can send Daily 5 messages to any network, which is something you do not see every day. The bundle expires after 24 hours.

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