Check out these 7 key tips and tricks for Uber riders


UberUber changed the game in private car hire, and their product is used extensively across the globe. Competing services have come up to replace traditional taxi systems, but Uber is the go-to minicab operator thanks to its longer existence and market share.

Today, we will focus on the pluses of Uber, and not the problems it has been facing such as a possible ban in London. These pluses are in form of tips and tricks that will make your cab-haling a better experience.

Book a trip via PC

Usually, riders book their trips on the go via Uber’s smartphone app. However, it is also possible to do so via web. All you have to do is log into your account via Uber’s mobile site.

Uber Mobile Web Upon signing in, the browser will need to get access to your location, which you should allow. It will also load the map of your location and you can the go ahead and book a ride. The experience is the same as in the app. The same thing can be done via phone, meaning it is not mandatory to have the Uber app installed on your smart handheld.

Co-pay fare with friends

In case of a group trip, you can easily sprit fare with members of the group. When selecting a payment method during a trip, there is an option for splitting fare. At that point, you can enter the phone address or names of friends you would like to split fare with. However, they need to accept the offer before the journey ends. This is a handy feature as it subtly emphasizes on fairness of doing things as a group.

Co-ride with friends using uberPOOL

In some scenarios, a rider might not be in a hurry to reach his or her destination. For that case, you may choose to travel with another person by requesting uberPOOL. This is not the same as the previous point as each rider pays individually. Nonetheless, it is a great way of saving cab money. This feature can be accessed from the uberX option and pressing Find an uberPOOL match. Upon entering your destination, the app will match you with riders that may be heading to the same point. However, the service is yet to be launched locally.

Switch pickup location

Did you know that you can change your pickup point once you have booked an Uber? This trick can be accessed via the Edit button next to the pickup point, where you can type your new location or drag the pin icon to the revised address. Afterward, you can press Confirm. However, users can only do this once for obvious reasons. Also, pickup point cannot be changed to a location outside the circled region.

Save favourite routes

You can save an address that you frequently take alongside your Home and Work places. This feature is accessible on the Settings menu, and is neat if you need to go to a favourite place without inputting details every time.

Share ride details

Uber gives riders an option to share their trip details such as the first name of the driver, vehicle information as well as a real-time map location. This information can be shared to people close to you for security reasons or otherwise. The feature can be activated via the Share My ETA option that is accessible via an upward swipe from the bottom of the Uber app.

Request ride via Google Maps

Google Maps was integrated with Uber’s API sometime in January 2017. This development means that you can request for a ride, see your driver as he or she comes to pick you up, follow your trip’s status without leaving Maps for the Uber app. To perform this action, a rider needs to open Google Maps, enter a destination and tap on ‘REQUEST’ button. It should be noted that UberSELECT, which was locally launched a few days ago, is available via Maps.

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