Apple Wants You to Ditch Third Party Emails as Your Apple ID

Options are, or

apple icloud

Apple has always treated Apple IDs in the most non-Apple of ways. Instead of having their own email system, they relied on third party emailing systems like Gmail or Yahoo as Apple IDs. Apple IDs are crucial for one to access Apple services like iCloud or setting up a new Apple devices.

Well, Apple has decided to change all that where now you can change your Apple ID email address to an Apple domain.

Previously, Apple allowed you to change your Apple ID email from one third party to another: For example from a Yahoo one to a Gmail one. Now from a support article, Apple will now let you change your Apple ID to one that ends with, or

To do this, you have to first sign out of every Apple service and device that uses your Apple ID. Afterwards, go to and sign in, click edit under account section and under Apple ID, click change Apple ID. You can only choose whether your Apple ID ends with a, or email.

When you are done changing to your preferred Apple ID, you will get a message to confirm it. Apple says that you won’t be able to reverse this change back to the old third party email account. However, your old Apple ID based on the third party email will become an additional email address for your Apple ID account.

It is kind of weird Apple took this long to make this change but better late than ever for the millions of people out there who use Apple services better.

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