Nokia-8-CameraIn the spirit of being adventurous, Kiruti, George (you will meet him soon) and I took a short trip to Karura forest to test out the camera capabilities of the Nokia 8. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned as the idea was to get to Karura Forest on Kiambu Road, Nairobi Kenya, get mountain bikes and enjoy nature, thanks to the rain, plans had to change. Instead, we had to explore the trail on foot, as it rains because we are not quitters.

During the exploration, we got to test out various camera features on the Nokia 8, with the highlight being the Bothie mode, through which 90% of the trail was captured. Just to explain, Bothie mode is a camera feature on the Nokia 8 that records using both the front and back cameras, simultaneously, here’s how an image captured in Bothie mode looks like:

Nokia 8_Bothie
Nokia 8 – Bothie Mode

We also got to test other modes such as slow-motion video, because what is a waterfall without slow-motion video to show it off? We also got to try out taking still images with both the monochrome and color lenses, in case you didn’t know, the Nokia 8 has a dual 13MP camera set up on its back.

However, my favourite mode was and will always be the portrait mode, which locks focus on the subject and blurs the background and it works well on human beings as well as objects (no, we didn’t get to try it out on animals).

Well, before I spill everything, here’s the vlog of how it all went down: