Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa Among Top 20 Countries Affected by Spam Calls


According to Truecaller Insights Special Report, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa are among the top 20 countries that have been affected by spam calls in 2017. South Africa comes in fifth on the list with an average of 15 spam callers per person per month, Nigeria stands at number nine with 10.4 spam calls per person per month and Kenya closes the list at the 20th spot with an average of 7.7 spam calls per person per month.

Other African countries on the list include Egypt with an average of 9.9 calls per person per month and Morocco, with 7.7 calls per person per month. Top of the list is India, with an average of 22.6 spam caller per person per month, with a majority of those calls coming from mobile network operators and financial services.

Switching back our attention to Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria, South Africans receive spam calls from telemarketers, who make up 39% of all these calls, financial services taking up 24% of the calls and Insurance brokers making 13% of the spam calls. In South Africa, only 1% of the spam calls are actually scammers trying to reap where they did not sow.

Spam Calls, South Africa

A different story is told when it comes to Nigeria. Spam calls make up 10% of all the calls but the people giving “Nigerian prince’s a run for their money are mobile network operators who make up 61% of all the spam calls made in Nigeria. Nuisance spam calls make up 27% of the calls and telemarketers take the smallest share at 2%.

Spam Calls, Nigeria

In Kenya, nuisance calls make up 4% of the calls and financial services make up 5% of all the calls made. The shocker? Scam calls make up 91% of all the spam calls. Wow.

Spam Calls, Kenya