Pace FocusWhen it comes to Bluetooth headphones, I am not a pro but like any other consumer, I know what it means to have something that I would recommend to my friends and anyone, really. I have been using the Pace Focus for more than a month now and it’s time I gave it a proper review treatment. I apologize for not being too technical with the highs and lows, I am not an audiophile, just a professional consumer. With that said, here’s a break down of the video review:


Pace Focus Design

The headphones are made out of hard plastic, but they still exhibit some quality. At first, I was sceptical of the quality of the build but after spending more than a month with my pair, I have no doubts. There’s a little flex when you bend the headphones, that’s expected of anything with this kind of material but it does not feel cheap at all. The Pace Focus has two buttons both of which are on the right side. One button controls the on/off switch and the other controls the headphone’s volume. The volume rockers can be used to skip or go to the previous song when long pressed, double pressing the power button, pauses the playing song.

There’s also a tiny notification light between these two buttons, it’s easy to miss it, wish the size was a little bigger though. On the left side, there’s the 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB charging port. When put on, the headphones feel comfortable, not heavy on your head, easy to put on and remove.

The only downside on the design is that the headphones come in one colour, black. I do wish there were more colours to choose from but I guess black is the safest option since it goes with anything without looking hideous.

Sound Quality

Pace Focus R

I honestly wish it was possible for you to listen for yourself but since you can’t just take my word for it; The Pace Focus delivers sound details I previously did not hear with my normal earphones. In a well-produced song, you can hear all the vocals, the bass is just right, not too much to ruin the song, the instrumentals are clear and it does not sound like they are all fighting for your attention. I could only describe the sound coming off the Pace Focus as warm, loud and beautiful.

For those who do not fancy Bluetooth, Pace includes quite a long 3.5mm AUX cable to serve you, which is neat.

Battery Life

Pace Focus
Pace Focus

I honestly don’t remember the last time I charged my headphones. These things last forever on a single charge. Pace says that they should last you well around 35 hours of continuous use and I have no arguments with that.

The Pace Focus retails at Ksh.5,500, which is quite affordable and anyone who knows anything about quality Bluetooth headphones will let you know. So, should you buy one? I don’t see why not.

Here’s the full video review:


  1. Ordered mine(online from Pace) yesterday at 10am and by 1pm, it had been delivered to me. So far so good. Using it on a wired connection. Thanks for this.

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