Samsung Begins Mass Producing 512GB UFS Storage, Probably For the Galaxy S9


One of the selling points when it comes to smartphones is the amount of internal storage that you will get. In 2017, flagship smartphones have either 64GB, 128GB or even 256GB of internal storage.

Samsung has been championing their UFS (universal flash storage) since the Galaxy S6 and it is faster than the traditional eMMC and NAND storage we’ve been using. The 256GB Galaxy Note 8 was the highest UFS capacity you could buy, well until now.

Samsung has announced that they have now began mass production of the industry’s first 512GB embedded Universal Flash Storage memory for use for the next generation of smartphones and tablets.

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These new chips double the capacity of the previous top UFS storage capacity and in the same package. Samsung says that this new 512GB eUFS storage will allow you store approximately 130 4K videos that are 10 minute each, which is around 10 times what you would store with the now standard 64GB phones.

One typical feature of UFS is how fast it is. Samsung says that the 512eUFS has read and write speeds that can go upto 860 MB/s and 255 MB/s respectively, which is quite fast! This means that if you are transferring a 5GB video file to an SSD in a laptop, it would take around 6 seconds, which is 8 times faster than a normal microSD cards.

We can probably see these chips being used in the upcoming Galaxy S9 and other phones that use UFS in their phones (LG, OnePlus). With this move, Samsung will now catch up to Apple who already use their own proprietary storage on their iPads that can go upto 512GB.

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  1. now they need to up their amp and DACs in their devices so that saving FLAC files on S9 512gb option will not feel like a wastage of time

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